I ordered new boxes and pouches with my logo on for my jewellery . 

I got them from a fantastic company called westpack who were so helpful. I got a free sample first which was not with my info on, just to see the quality. Then I saved up until I had enough to buy the amount and sizes I wanted. 

I also have had more of my business cards made. 

I'm now looking for somewhere to get some "small stories" about some of my designs printed on cards to display with  a couple of my designs.

I have been on holiday in Blyth Northumberland with my mum for my 60th birthday, where I was cat sitting for a very cute cat called Squidet through trusted house sitters. It was my first "sit" and went so very well. I will share some picures in another blog soon. if anyone knows of where I can get my printed stories, or if you want to know more about anything I chat about please let me know in the comments.